About The Project

Colors of Progress is an artwork by Phil AMERICA inspired by the many sacrifices and accomplishments made by LGBTq+ people since the Stonewall Riots occurred 50 years ago this June. During this moment of triumph and reflection we think it is a vital time to center voices that deserve increased visibility as we look toward the future of our movement. Using flags as a canvas and a color palette that emphasizes a more meaningful inclusion of marginalized groups, we aim to create a visual oral history that can be featured at Pride celebrations around the country. Through archival research and present-day interviews, the flags will feature excerpted text connecting notable and unheralded historical figures with contemporary LGBTQ+ people. To emphasize the importance of inclusion in our movement we have assigned each color of flag to a subset of the LGBTQ+ community that we believe deserves increased visibility. We hope that the installation will provide passerby an opportunity to contemplate the experiences, dreams, and struggles of LGBTQ+ people and spotlight people on the margins whose voices deserve to be heard. The project is produced by Tre Borden Co.

The project will appear in the following locations:

Sacramento, CA

Capitol Mall between 9th and 10th Streets
June 3 - June 4

Outside the office of Governor Gavin Newsom's at the California State Capital building
June 3 - June 30

the governor’s mansion state historic park
June 3 - June 30

Los Angeles, CA

Santa Monica, Third Street Promenade
May 24-June 30


Santa Monica Pier
May 31-June 30


LA Pride Festival
June 7 - June 9

Los Angeles Athletic Club
June 6

SoHo House West Hollywood
June 9

SoHo House malibu
July 9

New York, NY

Human Rights Conference, New York Law School
June 24


Pride Fest, Astor Place
June 30

Birmingham, AL

Raleigh, NC

Des Moines, IA



SoHo House West Hollywood
June 6


Alley NYC
June 27